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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued new standards to the existing standards that limit workplace exposure to hexavalent chromium. It has been determined by OSHA that the current level of hexavalent chromium that workers are exposed to puts workers at a significant health risk. 

For anyone in this industry who started out hustling sales - whether that means collision repair jobs, cans of paint or tools and equipment - pulling back from a focus on growth in gross sales can be a challenge. Increasing the top line, after all, is often a key ingredient in increasing the bottom line. More sales equals more profit, right? 

The hail storm that struck Central Texas on April 21 is expected to exceed $100 million in insured losses. Baseball-size hail pounded the city of San Marcos smashing vehicles at car dealerships and shopping malls. 

Representatives from the vehicle manufacturers, steelmakers, vehicle dismantlers, vehicle shredders, environmental community, states and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have reached agreement on a statement of principles detailing the elements of a national program for recovering mercury switches from scrap cars and light trucks before they are shredded for recycling. The parties are now working to complete a formal agreement. 

Allstate has filed a Notice of Appeal with reference to the recent decision in Allstate Insurance Company, et al. v. Greg Abbott, et al. issued by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division. The court held that specific provisions preventing insurer-owned shops from doing business in the state of Texas were constitutional. 

"State Farm does not think it is reasonable to pay more for repairs than our competitors," stated George Avery, State Farm Claim Consultant, speaking to over 200 attendees at April's Collision Industry Conference in Portland, Oregon. Avery offered a 30-minute high-level overview of the changes the industry can expect from State Farm.