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Wednesday, 18 February 2015 00:00

San Diego, CA Woman Arrested for Auto Insurance Fraud in Crash and Buy Scheme

Tamickeua Jones, 30, was arrested on February 3 on three felony counts of insurance fraud for filing a fraudulent auto claim. She was allegedly involved in a collision while driving uninsured. According to detectives, she purchased insurance after the accident and then filed a claim.

"This case and the 200 arrests in November should serve as a warning to consumers to not drive without insurance," said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. "These are not victimless crimes. Every consumer pays for fraud through higher insurance rates, when insurers pass the losses along to policyholders."

In December of last year, Tamickeua Jones rear-ended another vehicle while driving without insurance. A few hours later she purchased a new insurance policy and within minutes of purchasing the policy reported to the company she had been in an accident. She filed a fraudulent claim in an attempt to get the insurer to cover the damage to the uninsured vehicle.

The crash and buy scheme is the most common type of auto insurance fraud in the state. Last year the Department of Insurance, along with several law enforcement partners, conducted a statewide sweep arresting nearly 200 people for this type of fraud, including 35 in San Diego.

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