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Thursday, 22 January 2015 00:00

CA Governor Plans to Cut Petroleum Use for Cars in Half By 2030

Recently re-elected California Governor Jerry Brown wants to continue enforcing environmental regulations with his new plan to cut petroleum use in half by the year 2030.

Governor Brown was sworn in on January 5 for his fourth and final term. His petroleum plan was a focal point of his inaugural address.

California leads the nation in policies advocating zero-emission vehicles, making it home to more electric cars than any other state, reported Stephen Edelstein,

Brown also plans to produce one-third of electricity from renewable sources, and doubling the efficiency of existing buildings while making heating fuels cleaner over the next 15 years.

On the day of Brown’s re-election, Pasquale Romano--CEO of California-based charging-station network ChargePoint--released a statement in response to his speech. He praised the governor's "continued commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions" and the expansion of the electric-vehicle industry in the state, reported Edelstein.

Brown signed six bills to urge electric-car adoption during National Drive Electric Week last September. During Brown's fourth term, California will also become ground zero for the first wave of.

Hyundai and Toyota are launching their mass-market hydrogen fuel-cell cars in California because it's the only state with any existing refueling infrastructure to speak of--and the Golden State has funding set aside for 100 public stations over the next few years, reported Edelstein.

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