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Friday, 16 January 2015 00:00

Car-less Dialysis Patient in CA Helped by Toyota Shop

Sam Cook of Modesto had his car stolen from a hospital parking lot a month before Christmas, while he was hooked up to a dialysis machine. His sister had recently given him the 2001 Corolla, so he could attend his treatments three times a week, according to Jeff Jardine,

Police found the car a few days later and arrested a theft. Officials told Cook he could pick the car up at a local two yard. After paying $350 to get his car back, he noticed that the thief broke the windows and messed up the ignition while trying to hot wire the car, Jardine reported. Not to mention the Corolla was jam-packed with items that were most likely stolen, including a Makita demolition hammer.  

A number of local businesses offered to repair Cook’s car and give monetary donations after hearing about his condition and transportation predicament. Cook worked for a metals company before his only working kidney failed, according to Jardine. It took two years to get his Social Security disability income after his health went south.

The shop that made Cook’s 2001 Corolla look as good as it could was Modesto Toyota. The vehicle was repaired free of charge. Other firms, including glass and auto body companies, volunteered to help, too, Jardine reported. Other locals chipped in by sending money, cards, and gifts.

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