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Monday, 10 November 2014 00:00

Former Body Shop Employee and Accomplice Charged with Murdering Four Women

UPDATE: Gordon and Cano admit to the murder of a fifth woman - click HERE.

Steve Gordon, 45, and Franc Cano, 28, both convicted child molestors, are charged with kidnapping, raping and murdering four women in Anaheim, CA between March-October 2013. Both men were homeless at the time of the murders; sleeping near a body shop that Gordon use to work at.

According to Gordon, his parole supervisor required him to pair up with Franc Cano, so the two would have a better chance protecting themselves against murderers targeting homeless men in 2011. Authorities have denied these claims and stated that the two men were prohibited from associating with each other, according to Keegan Kyle of

Their close friendship turned homicidal and the pair committed four murders in an eight month period, despite tracking devices.

According to prosecutors, both men were on parole when they killed Kianna Jackson, 20, and Josephine Vargas, 34. Only Cano was on parole when they killed Martha Anaya, 28, and Jarrae Estepp, 21.

Gordon said he wants to take the stand, have his trial aired on live TV to “embarass a bunch of people” and help the families of the four women sue the government. While saying parole agents were nice to him and Cano, he also accused them of trying to cover up mistakes, according to Kyle. 

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