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Wednesday, 24 September 2014 00:00

Hot-Pink Roadster Makes Rental Reimbursement Red Hot

Rental reimbursement – an inexpensive auto insurance option that covers the cost of a rental car – is the focus of a humorous marketing initiative sponsored by Enterprise Rent-A-Car in California.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has created "Rosie the Rental Reimbursement Roadster," a hot-pink sedan and a replica of the vehicle used in Enterprise's My 13 Days video. Last year, the video was produced to illustrate some of the amusing challenges drivers sometimes face – such as driving a teenager's car for nearly two weeks – when vehicles are being repaired after an accident.

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The video's title highlights a little-known fact: Damaged vehicles are in the shop for an average of 13 days after an accident, leaving those who don't have reimbursement coverage to borrow family cars, hitch rides or pay out-of-pocket rental fees of up to $400.

"With more than 1.6 million views on YouTube, the 'My 13 Days' video has proven to be both fun and memorable," said Mary Mahoney, Vice President-Insurance Replacement Division for the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand. "As a result, our Sacramento team decided to really bring the concept to life locally, so that Rosie can attend insurance agents' classes, collision center openings, fund-raisers and vendor fairs, as well as other company events."

Enterprise's "My 13 Days" video and microsite not only are helping raise awareness about rental reimbursement overall, but also educating policyholders so that they don't have to worry about borrowing family cars, hitching rides or paying out-of-pocket rental fees if their vehicle is in the shop. For example, many consumers don't realize that one year of rental reimbursement coverage can cost less than a one-day car rental.

As U.S. News & World Report stated in a personal finance article last year: "You might also want to consider rental coverage. Auto insurance policies often allow you to add on coverage for renting a vehicle while your car is getting fixed after an accident, and if you only have one car, that kind of coverage can pay off."  In that same article, Richard Arca, senior manager of pricing at  and a former insurance adjuster, estimated it typically adds only about $20 for six months to a policy, noting: "Every customer who didn't have rental coverage wished they had it."

Furthermore, according to the J.D. Power 2013 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, providing exceptional customer service is an important element in driving customer loyalty and advocacy.

"That's another strategic reason to support our insurance partners and help remind their policyholders about this simple, budget-friendly option," Mahoney said. "It's a win-win, because it benefits individual consumers, which in turn enhances satisfaction levels with the insurance industry for the long term."


Photo cred: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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