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Friday, 22 August 2014 00:00

Seven Charged with Utah Automotive Glass Repair Fraud

The Utah Insurance Department’s Fraud Division has charged the owners of Pleasant Grove-based Quick Fix Auto Glass and T&R Auto Services, as well as several employees, with various forms of fraud.

 Tyson Brown, owner of Quick Fix Auto Glass LLC, was charged with racketeering and insurance fraud. He was also charged with eight counts of identity fraud. Four of Brown’s sales employees were also charged with identity fraud and falsification of insurance claims. The case is pending. Tyson Weber, owner of T&R Auto Services, has pled guilty to third-degree felony insurance fraud and three counts of third-degree felony identity fraud.

 “Brown and Weber, along with their sales employees solicited rock chip repairs by going door-to-door and using other means of contacting owners of vehicles in need of rock chip windshield repairs,” according a statement by the Utah Insurance Department. “They advised vehicle owners that they would take care of the claim with their auto insurance company without cost to the vehicle owner.


 “After obtaining the auto owners’ insurance information and other personal information, Brown, Weber and their employees contacted the insurance companies by impersonating the policyholders in order to obtain payment for the windshield repairs,” the statement continued. “In cases where multiple rock chips were repaired, the agents kept the insured’s information and filed follow up claims without the insureds knowledge, days, weeks or months later.”

 The defendants allegedly filed more than 1,600 glass repair claims with Farmers, Allstate and Progressive. The insurance companies paid Quick Fix Auto Glass and T&R Auto Services $102,000.

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