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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 00:24

Automotive Service Association of Arizona Meets to Discuss Survival Skills for Service Advisers

On Saturday, February 22, 2014, the Automotive Service Association of Arizona (ASA-AZ) hosted a course entitled "Survival Skills for Service Advisers" at the Phoenix Airport Hilton in Phoenix, AZ. Luz A. Rubio, executive director of ASA-AZ, says it was a “great class! We had 30 service advisers in attendance, representing shops around Arizona. Most attended to learn better ways to communicate with customers, others [came for] a refresher course.”

The focus of the event was on the importance of developing good communication skills, and the group discussed various scenarios and examples, examining the best way to handle each unique situation.

“Being able to listen to the customer and addressing the reason they came into the shop should be the primary focus. Being able to educate and inform the customer on the importance of maintaining their vehicle to prevent costly repairs was also an area of focus,” Rubio told us.

Attendees’ expectations were exceeded, Rubio believes. “Several experienced service advisers who have been in their position for more than ten years enjoyed the class and walked away with at least one idea that they can implement to improve how they have been doing their job.”

In 2014, the ASA-AZ goal is to provide their members with education and training by attracting industry speakers who will share fresh content that members can relate to and learn from. “The benefit of being a member is the opportunity to exchange ideas with peers and learn from each other. We promote that we are not an association of competitors, but an association of peers where we identify challenges and come up with ideas that will maximize the success and longevity their businesses.”

ASA-AZ is very excited to offer a full calendar of meetings, events, and roundtables in 2014 as they continue to strive to provide a forum for members to share valuable information that will help elevate the standard in the industry. Rubio poses a question: “Where else can you go to exchange information with your peers, people that have found what works or what does not? We urge shop owners to attend these events and network with their fellow peers; the return on their membership investment will be more than just financial.”

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