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Friday, 07 February 2014 18:17

Elk Grove CarMax Flooded with Job Applications

CarMax says it’s been overwhelmed during its effort to fill 100 positions with people searching for jobs. The new dealership won’t open until February, but thousands of people have come looking for work in Elk Grove.

“We’ve had over 5,000 applications to fill approximately 130 positions,” said Bruce Juchnik with CarMax. That’s nearly 40 people competing for each job. While unemployment figures may be dropping, the volume of applications show how many people are looking for work in Sacramento.

“Right now, with a lot of companies that were looking to hire just seasonal jobs, at CarMax we are looking for people to start a career,” Juchnik said. With new car sales on the rise, CarMax may not be the only dealership in the area hiring soon, said Brian Moss with the California New Car Dealers Association.

The recession slashed car sales in half to around 1 million by 2009. But numbers are bouncing back, with 1.7 million cars sold last year.

CarMax is still accepting applications to fill 55 positions.

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