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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 18:00

Las Vegas Ring Busted for Catalytic Converter Theft, Possibly Hundreds of Thefts Involved

Las Vegas Metro PD arrested seven people Aug. 19 in connection to an alleged catalytic converter theft ring. Metro Officer Bill Cassell told local media that warrants were served at a private residence and a business in the 2800 block of Westwood Drive, near Highland Drive.

Catalytic converters are usually stolen because of the value of their metallic components,  such as platinum, palladium and iridium. The group is accused of taking the converters from vehicles and selling the parts for valuable scrap metal. The SWAT team served search warrants in two places where they found pieces of cars and they suspect may have been stolen.

Police said they found transmissions and batteries inside the buildings but have their eyes on the catalytic converters. Thieves can cut off the converters to seriously damage a car in under one minute.

It is an ongoing investigation and more arrests are possible, according to Cassell. He added that there are many victims, possibly a hundred. A total of seven individuals were arrested, and the hundreds of vehicle parts believed to be stolen were recovered.

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