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Wednesday, 06 February 2013 17:10

Capitol Collision in Arizona Helps Identify Fraud

An auto body repair shop in Phoenix was recently lauded by five of the largest insurance companies in Arizona for exposing a man in Phoenix, AZ, who have been staging fake collisions to collect huge insurance claims from these insurance companies. Capitol Collision Repair Specialists received plaques of recognition from these insurance companies.

The criminal is suspected of staging more than 10 collisions in the past year and processing claims from the insurance companies amounting to more than a $1 million. Charges have been filed against him and the case is pending in court.

Technicians from the auto body repair shop called the Arizona Auto Insurance Company and reported their suspicion that the accident was staged. They became suspicious of the man’s actions and vehement refusal of the assistance extended by their representative to process his insurance claim on his behalf.

“We became suspicious when he turned down our offer to help him with his insurance, especially when our technicians found that the car’s odometer was rigged. The car had a very low mileage on the odometer, however judging from the car’s condition when it was brought to us, it was obvious that it could not have that mileage on it. Besides, it was quite obvious judging by the damage on the vehicle that the collision was staged,” said an insider from Capitol Insurance.

The technician’s suspicion was proven true when Arizona Auto Insurance Company informed them how much the car was insured for. Body shop staff worked with Arizona Auto Insurance and the Phoenix police operatives in nailing down the suspect.

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