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Tuesday, 28 August 2012 15:39

CAA Legislative Alert-Call to Action on 'Gut and Amend'

Do not let "Gut and Amend" legislation be introduced


The CAA has been opposing insurer-sponsored legislation that would weaken long-standing law that provides for fair and reasonable auto body repair practices.


CAA has also opposed legislation that would provide legal presumptions that aftermarket crash parts are equal to OEM crash parts in all instances.


Insurer sponsored bills this year include SB 1460 (Yee) and AB 1098 (Hagman) both failed.

However, CAA has learned that insurers are now trying to usurp the democratic process by "gutting and amending" a bill during the final days of the legislative session. "Gut and amend" is a last minute move which strips a bills original contents and inserts new unrelated language to the original bill, thus by-passing open hearings, negotiations and amendments.


CAA members are being asked to call their Assembly members and Senators today and tell them to say "No" to last minute "gut and amend" bills which significantly weakens consumer law pertaining to aftermarket crash parts and fair auto body repair practices.


Any such legislation should be properly vetted through the normal process, fairly negotiated with all stakeholders and not rushed in the "middle of the night" with no public or industry input. These types of practices undermine public trust.


We suspect this "gut and amend" will drastically change current law regarding aftermarket crash parts. Legislators may be led to believe by insurers that aftermarket crash parts are equivalent to OEM parts in all instances, and that they should be legally considered as such. CAA needs our members to educate their legislators.


When you call your legislator, please offer them information to support the facts, as you know them. Here are some ideas for discussion:

  • Although quality of aftermarket crash parts has improved over the last 10 years, they are still inconsistent, sometimes they fit and perform and sometimes they don't.
  • "Our shop has to return about ___% of after market crash parts we receive due to quality issues".
  • "I know of at least ___ insurance field adjusters who have witnessed poor quality aftermarket crash parts and then allowed for OEM.

Protect your business and stop these types of underhanded legislative practices. Please call your Senator and Assembly member today. Call both District offices and Sacramento offices. To locate your legislator please go to:

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