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Thursday, 22 March 2012 16:30

CAA’s Orange County Chapter Holds Morning Meeting in Tustin, Discusses 5-Year AQMD NOx Rule Postponement and Monetizing Social Media

The Orange County chapter of the California Autobody Association (CAA) held their monthly members meeting on February 28 at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club at 8 a.m. Speakers Chris Linford, Travis Ashby and Rob Thatcher of Oozle Media spoke about how shops can use social media outreach to bring in more first time customers.

Chapter Vice President Ben Mendoza of Kelly’s Body Shop in Santa Ana opened the meeting by announcing that the chapter’s board will remain the same for 2012. He also talked about the postponement of the AQMD’s Rule 1147 new NOx requirements for spray booth burners; shops have been given a 5 year extension on the rule thanks to efforts from CAA members and others. But he warned shops that part of the extension rule is that shops have to monitor and document their gas readings for their spray booths to maintain this extension. If the AQMD shows up requesting this readings log and a shop has not kept it, a hefty fine will be distributed to the shop.

Oozle Media’s presentation was driven by the work they have done with Shine Collision, a collision repair shop in Salt Lake City, UT. Thanks to their social media efforts, spearheaded by Oozle, Shine has been able to increase their gross income by $400,000 this year.

“The ROI of social media is you’ll still be in business in 5 years,” said Travis Ashby, Oozle’s CEO.

Travis talked about how google is now using a social search function, meaning when logged into your google account, people searching on google will see pages their google contacts have “plus oned” show up first. Google treats pages your contacts have “liked” as a recommendation and brings those listings up first. According to Travis, this is why it’s important for shops to have a social media following.

Also when a potential customer is using google to look for a business, if a business uses its social media a lot, that will bring their page up on the search. According to Chris, social media has a huge effect on SEO because it’s more instances where your business’s name appears.

“There is a high correlation with what you do on social media and your google ranking,” said Chris, “One of the best things you can do is get people to share your website on Facebook.”

Oozle also differs from some other social media companies because they meticulously track what calls are coming in from a result of what type of advertising. They have businesses use separate phone lines for each type of advertising they do so shops can see where their advertising dollars are best spent. This way they know what generates the most unique callers, a.k.a. new potential customers.

Oozle also recommends recording calls at your shop, not only to track new callers but also to make sure your employee’s customer service is on point.

“Every call is important,” said Ben Mendoza, “Your employees have got to have great customer service or you’re going to lose that caller.”

According to Rob Thatcher, the way an employee conducts an inquiry call makes all the difference.

“The whole ticket to all of it is to ask questions—not 20 questions—but 5 questions,” said Thatcher.

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