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Wednesday, 01 June 2011 14:39

California VFW Makes Donation to Marine to Pay Off Final Mustang Repair Costs

Edward Flak, the Temecula, CA, marine who had his '94 Mustang GT repaired for him secretly while he was on his third tour in the Middle East in April, received a donation from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California to help cover some of the cars continued costs.

Precision Paint and Body Works, the body shop that did the body work on Flaks car, agreed to donate about half of the $7,800 it cost to repair the vehicle in April.

The Flaks were happy to have so much of the work on the car donated by Precision and the other businesses that agreed to donate some work, but this still left them with about a $3,000 repair bill after all was said and done.

When the Commander Donald Durnil, of the Temecula Valley VFW, found out that the Flaks still owed money for the car makeover he asked for the California VFW to donate money to help pay.

Durnil reached out to Jim Rowoldt, the State Adjutant/Quartermaster, to see if they could come up with more of a donation.
"They {the Flaks} don't make a lot, and that's a hefty bill," said Durnil.

The Temecula Valley VFW Post originally came up with a $200 donation for the Flaks back in April but knew this would not cover the last of their costs.


"We {The Temecula Valley VFW Post} are a small post, we don't have a lot of money, so we gave them what we could," said Durnil.
The state VFW was able to come up with $3,000 in donation proceeds; the money will cover what the Flaks have reimbursed to Precision Paint and Body Works so far, as well as what they still owe.

Commander Donald Durnil presented Kristin and Eddie Flak the check for $3,000 on behalf of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California at the Temecula Valley Post on May 28th. There was also a Steak Dinner at the cost of a $10 donation after the award ceremony at the Post.

The event had great turnout, according to Durnil, about 75 to 80 people attended including all of the California VFW District Officers.

"We can't do this stuff for everybody ... but if we can help one to the extent we could, it makes everything that we do worth it," said Durnil.

Jim and Janet Bird with Bird Family Auto, the mechanical shop that repaired Mustangs engine, were made honorary Temecula Valley VFW Post Members at the dinner. The Post also paid for Flak and his wife, Krissy's membership with the Post for this year.

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