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Monday, 02 August 2010 15:50

California BAR Proposes Retiring Greater Number of Older Vehicles

The California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR), within the state’s department of Consumer Affairs, has proposed changes to its Smog Check Program. The BAR wants to update the regulations involved in the Smog Check Program to speed up the retirement of older, high-polluting vehicles. The program was designed to reduce emissions by requiring vehicles to meet certain standards. Owners of vehicles not meeting these standards can retire their vehicles for monetary compensation.

Currently, the regulations involve retiring vehicles for failing biennial smog checks. Among the new regulations is a plan to incorporate off-cycle vehicles into the program. As a result of these new monetary incentives, it is believed that 11,500 additional older vehicles could be removed from the road annually.

The Automotive Service Association encourages independent repairers to visit its legislative website,, to view the BAR’s proposed regulation.

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