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Tuesday, 12 July 2016 23:57

Shop Showcase: Eco Repair Changes the Way BMW Collision Center Fixes Cars


Eco Repair Changes the Way BMW Collision Center Fixes Cars

New Century BMW in Alhambra, CA was chosen as the Best Overall Certified Collision Repair Center  (CCRC) by BMW of North America for 2014 and 2015. Here is Ed Cobett, the Collision Center Manager with the two awards.


In 2010, New Century BMW, a large BMW dealership in Alhambra, California (between Los Angeles and Pasadena), opened their own collision center. Early on, the decision was made to become a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center and to fix only BMWs. All personnel, equipment, tool and facility decisions were made with this goal in mind. Certification was granted two months after opening.


New Century BMW Collision Center 
Alhambra, CA
Type: Collision Repair 
Facility Employees: 22 
In Business Since: 2010 
Number of Locations: One 
Combined Production Size: 19,000 square feet 


Since then, under the supervision of Stephen Pan, General Manager, and Ed Cobett, Collision Center Manager, the collision center has experienced steady growth and gained a reputation as the “go to” place in Los Angeles County to get a BMW fixed. Only new Original BMW Parts, BMW Colorsystem Paint, and BMW approved repair techniques are used by BMW-trained technicians on every car they fix.


Chosen as the Best Overall Certified Collision Repair Center (CCRC) by BMW of North America for 2014 and 2015, New Century BMW Collision Center repairs over 100 BMWs every month.


Last year, this management team signed on the dotted line with Eco Repair Systems of North America LLC, a “Robaina Group” company. Eco Repair Systems is changing the way BMW collision centers such as New Century BMW fix cars by introducing innovative OEM approved repair equipment for the aluminum, steel and plastics used in current BMW vehicles.


By adding an Eco Repair System to their 19,000 sq. ft. facility, New Century BMWis able to repair some panels that normally would have been replaced. "BMW did some fairly in-depth research before choosing the Eco Repair System," Cobett said. "They saw in it action and used it themselves to make certain it was ideal for our vehicles. Now BWM North America is not just recommending its use, but actually making it a requirement in 2017. If you're a BMW Certified Collision Center, you will have to get this system."


Eco Repair Changes the Way BMW Collision Center Fixes Cars

New Century BMW has only used their Eco Repair tools for a short time, but they are already seeing outstanding results.


New Century BMW has been using the Eco Repair System for less than a year, but they have already been impressed by the results. "After 30 years of being told to replace parts, we're now able to repair some parts that we used to replace," Cobett said. "This means less impact to the car, reducing severity and time. BMW has advanced leaps and bounds with their riveting and adhesive bonding as opposed to welding on cars. With Eco Repair, we don’t cut panels off the vehicles -- we leave them on and do less invasive repairs."


"It's a comprehensive system with more than 100 different parts and there is definitely a learning curve when it comes to using all the different components correctly" Cobett said. "For instance, I could see that some technicians were a little skeptical about using the various parts of the system to remove dents. But, now, after six months watching it in use by others, they are using it, with positive, sometimes amazing results."


The crew at New Century BMW is getting better and better at using the Eco Repair System, including the aluminum repair system, a steel repair system, plastic welding, and PDR equipment. Each of these subsystems can be used by individual techs in their workspace while other parts of the system are used by other technicians.


Eco Repair Changes the Way BMW Collision Center Fixes Cars

All the technicians at New Century BMW Collision Center are quickly becoming more and more adept at using their Eco Repair tools. Here is Robert Cruz repairing, rather than replacing, a door.


Global approval by BMW AG Group covers BMW, MINI & Rolls Royce. Eco Repair Systems products are now required for use by BMW AG and BMW of North America personnel for panel repairs via BMW's body repair programs and BMW’s ISTA repair procedures. Collision centers can now use the approved Eco Repair System’s equipment and tools to help reduce the severity of repair, cycle time, improve cash-flow and their bottom line while being a more responsible and efficient facility.


Robaina Direct LLC on behalf of Eco Repair Systems of North America LLC is the exclusive authorized importer for Eco Repair Systems Ltd. in North America. Robaina Direct LLC sells its own brands, imports Eco Repair System UK Products, and the Flatliner systems as well as other products it supplies for OEM Vehicle Manufacturer Certified programs.


The honeymoon period with the Eco Repair System is not over at New Century BMW, but Cobett can clearly see that the tools work. “Once our technicians become more proficient at using this equipment, we'll see even better results. It always comes down to practice, practice, practice."

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