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Thursday, 12 November 2015 23:11

N4T Investigators: Tucson, AZ Man Sues After Repair Shop Uses Cardboard to Fix His Car

A Tucson man has some harsh words for a body shop that he says tried to get away with repairing his car using the repair compound bondo and cardboard instead of real steel.

The first thing Randall Throp saw wrong with his car was the hole in the floorboard. But the next was the cardboard under the fender.

Throp bought a 1954 Buick and decided to pay a bodyshop in town $3,500 to fix it.

"And I did not get what I paid for at all," he said.

Throp says he paid the shop to cut out the rusted metal, weld new metal, and fill in the holes in the body.

"Instead, all that I got was a coat of bondo over all the imperfections."

He squatted over the rear left fender.

"Here's where there was a big hole in the fender and they put cardboard in here, then put fiberglass sheet and then bondo'd over the top of that to pass that off as a fender repair," he said.

There were other visible damages, as well.

"All they did was put bondo over this rusted out headlight shell and now you can see it's already starting to crack all over again," he said.

Throp won a lawsuit against Moses Heredia, of Dave's Customs in September. But since then, Heredia has not paid him the restitution ordered by a judge.

The News 4 Tucson Investigators went to the bodyshop to ask why.

Heredia declined to speak with us. But his brother, Eric who runs the bodyshop his brother runs the custom shop out of, did agree to an interview.

His brother acknowledges that his brother lost the suit, a summary judgment issued because the defendant didn't appear. But he says the work was completed fair and square as a cash deal. He says Throp only won the suit on a technicality.

"But the fact that Moses from Dave's Customs missed the appointment - boom, judgment," he said.

The filing does show Moses Heredia didn't show up to court a second time and Throp was granted the judgment.

As for the cardboard repair?

"That notion of cardboard. I don't know, I didn't do the work," he said.

Eric Heredia says his brother will be paying off the lawsuit. But he's not his brother's keeper.

Meanwhile, Throp will have to wait, his frustration growing.

"I just want them to apologize, admit they're wrong, pay me back the $3,500 plus court costs and they'll never hear from me again. They'll never have to hear from me or see me ever again if they just do that," he said.

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We would like to thank News 4 Tuscon for reprint permission. 

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