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Monday, 26 October 2015 18:42

Young’s Detail Shop in Mesa, AZ Warns Against Inflated Insurance Repair Costs


David Jolkovski/Tribune

Pat Young, owner of The Detail Shop, sprays a base coat on a refinished car roof on Friday, Oct. 16, 2015.

A local auto repair shop opens customers’ eyes to the inflated prices of repairs when claiming an accident under their insurance or taking it to large auto cooperations.

“Don’t file a claim with your insurance without coming to us first,” said Pat Young, owner of Young’s Detail Shop in Mesa. “There is no reason for you to file the claim and jack up your premium if you’re not even going to get enough money to fix your car in the first place. We can probably fix it for less.”

Young urges customers to be aware of the inflated prices body shops and insurance companies charge on auto repairs, in order to make a higher profit.

“A lot of it has to do with insurance,” Young said. “Many people will try to file a claim after getting into a fender bender. Say the claim is $700 or $800. The insurance company is going to take their $500 deductible, which only leaves you with $300, and you can’t fix your car.”

However, most repairs can be done for cheaper than it would be to pay the deductible, according to Young, and no premiums go up at car insurance companies.

“People get these outrageous quotes and don’t realize that they can get their car fixed for a reasonable cost, something that they can afford,” said Young. “There’s enough profit in this type of business, where I can charge that little and still make a profit, instead of other companies that charge two or three times that price.”

Young’s Detail Shop, which is located at 2626 E. Evergreen St. in Mesa, started in 1999, closed briefly in 2007 and restarted in 2013.

The detail shop has done work for large dealerships and used car dealerships, such as Cactus Jack. Now the shop is doing mostly private work, consisting of detail, repair and paint work.

“We’ve been doing this off and on for over a decade,” Young said. “We use good products and the finished quality is great.”

According to Young, many of his customers want Young to promote his business and help make people aware of the other options they have when it comes to fixing their car.

“For every customer I get, I get two referrals,” Young said. “People are very happy with what they get at this shop that they didn’t even know existed.”

Young’s Detail Shop’s hours of operations are between 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and according to Young, he has no intention of raising his rates.

“I tell people to take their car to a shop around town and get a quote after the quote I give them, and see who gives the better quote.”

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