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Monday, 17 August 2015 22:47

Southern California Labor Rate Survey Announced

National AutoBody Research (NABR) announced the launch of the Time Shaver Tools Variable Rate System (VRS) Labor Rate Survey for Southern California, sponsored by Time Shaver Tools, Inc., of Orange, CA. The survey is free to all Southern California collision repair shops and can be found on the NABR website,

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According to NABR, the VRS Survey provides Southern California shops an independent, third-party source of state-wide labor rate data, based on shops’ actual prices, not on an artificially defined, single prevailing rate, thereby revealing the true, market-based labor rate ranges throughout Southern California.

“Not all shops are equal. There are differences in their level of training, investment in equipment and technology, certifications and overall cost of doing business,” said Windy Sirignano, director of sales and marketing for Time Shaver Tools. “Therefore, there are differences in labor rates that reflect the different quality and cost structures among shops. The Time Shaver Tools VRS Labor Rate Survey will help to reveal this market reality. We’re excited to work with an innovative company like NABR to help auto body shops get there.”

NABR CEO Richard Valenzuela added, “NABR is very excited to work with Windy and Time Shaver Tools, a cutting-edge auto body shop tool and supply company. They recognize the value of using the VRS survey technology as an independent, third-party system, all for the purpose of helping Southern California shops know their market better and what rates to charge to earn a fair, reasonable and sufficient profit.”

Southern California survey results at the state level are open and available for all to see at no charge. VRS subscribers gain even greater visibility to labor rates by many factors including mileage range, training, equipment, certifications and vehicle make. According to NABR, this enables shops to better define their geographic market and find apples-to-apples comparisons to their own shop, thus finding a truer, more appropriate market labor rate range for their individual shop than the one so-called prevailing rate.

The VRS Labor Rate Survey is now available to all shops in California. The Northern California survey is sponsored by Dave & Skip Creech from Quality Body Works in Eureka, CA. 

The Southern California survey is sponsored by Time Shaver Tools of Orange, CA. To see the VRS, any shop can request a free, no-obligation demo to see how the system can help them raise and collect higher rates and generate greater profits.Other states currently running the VRS Labor Rate Survey include Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas.

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