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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 17:03

ASA Northwest’s ITAC Rolls Out Apprenticeship Program for General Service Technicians

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In 2018, ASA Northwest established the Independent Technicians Automotive Committee (ITAC) to create an apprenticeship program for auto technicians.


The program's goal is to provide valuable skills and certifications for new technicians, including high school students, who are dedicated to developing real-world skills for the region’s automotive repair industry.


Butch Jobst, chairman of the board for ASA Northwest, noted, “We believe that providing both students and adults who have an interest in a career within the automotive industry with an opportunity to start and complete an apprenticeship before they graduate will undoubtedly give them a leg-up on finding a meaningful career and well-paying opportunities in the future. Our goal is to provide a clear career path for those interested in being a professional automotive technician. This is a program you simply cannot pass up, and we feel it will transform our industry for the better in many ways.


“ITAC is an industry-driven apprenticeship organization founded on the belief that mastery occurs on the job. Through youth apprenticeships and adult apprenticeships, all people have the opportunity to earn competitive wages, find meaningful and fulfilling work, and pursue lifelong learning.”


This project has been in the works for five years and demanded many volunteer hours, as it touches on all aspects of the automotive industry as well as the state’s education system. On Oct. 18, 2018, the program’s standards were approved and registered with the State of Washington L&I and the Washington State Apprenticeship Training Council (WSATC).


Jobst shared, “We’ve spent five years on this since our first exploratory meeting, but the last 24 months were very intense. We received fantastic help from the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee though; they have the process figured out and helped us get everything right.”


Thus far, ITAC has developed three approved apprenticeships that offer programs for general service technician youths, general service technician adults and master service technicians. The committee is considering adding a service advisor program but wants to solidify the program before moving ahead with additional plans.


Regarding ITAC employers, Jobst noted, “To become a ‘training agent’ of the program, we have established straightforward requirements, which will soon be listed on our website under the ITAC Apprenticeship tab.”

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