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Thursday, 24 March 2011 17:43

Make Sure Your Shop is Clear of these Glaring OSHA Violations

Written by Toby Chess

Hey Toby—Is it true that the fine for using an illegal air blower is $5000 in California?
—Jeff from San Francisco

Hey Jeff—I checked with CAL Osha  and they confirmed that fine could be up $7000 for using an illegal air blower.  With the poor economic conditions that exist today in state finances, more and more regulatory agencies are now becoming revenue generators.  Here in California, Governor Brown has stated that there will be no new taxes (unless approved by the electorate and that has about as much chance of happening as a snow ball in hell.)

On January 6th of this year, traffic fines went way up.  For example, using a hand-held cell phone while driving, first offense: $148. Parking in a handicap zone: $976 for first offense and $1876 for a second offense, and $436 for failing to stop at a stop sign—the list goes on.

I have been taking a 40-hour on line OSHA course and I have been checking for OSHA violations in body shops as I conduct I-CAR training on site.  What I have seen is unbelievable. 
Let’s take a look at some of the more common violations in the body shop.

The next series of pictures were taken at my friend’s shop about 2 years ago.  He embarked on the lean process trail and the first thing that we did, was clean up the shop and make it OSHA compliant.  It took about 2 weeks and the results of cleaning up in the shop has resulted in 20 percent decrease in cycle time in the first six months of implementing the lean process.

I have many more examples, but I think that you get the picture.  The next issue of Autobody News will have a shop check list that will allow you to go through your shop and identify major potential OSHA problems.

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