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Tuesday, 23 August 2016 00:02

The Best Body Shops' Blog: The Unexpected Results of Creating a 'Safe' Culture


Mention the word safety in a collision repair shop and most employees think of wearing eye protection, putting on gloves and steel-toed boots, and using a respirator.

Kyle Holt, president of S/P2, said that true safety goes beyond bodily harm. During the NACE CARS Expo & Conference, Holt talked to attendees about the benefits of creating a safe culture for your business. In his presentation, he stressed the importance of addressing everything that affects how people feel about how safe their work environment is. This includes various hazards, pollution prevention, bullying, workplace violence, harassment, and diversity.


“A culture of safety must account for the protection of the physical, mental and emotional health of the employees, customers, vendors and community you serve,” said Holt.


When creating this type of culture, everyone in the shop needs to get involved. The first step is to recognize health, safety, and environmental concerns. He encouraged employers to create a plan of action and then follow up with training. It’s also crucial to continually track and report progress.


Holt said this will not only foster a better working environment, it will help your bottom line by reducing costs and assisting with the recruitment and retention of employees.

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