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Tuesday, 30 May 2017 23:14

NY Shop Owner is “Sure” to Have a Great Repair Using Dominion Sure Seal

Written by Autobody News Staff

Dominion Sure Seal Shop Product Showcase June 2017 2

Jeff Draper from Draper Motorsports & Detail and his son, Brett.


One of the important components of running a successful body shop is having access to dependable products.

Jeff Draper from Draper Motorsports & Detail has firsthand experience with Dominion Sure Seal’s products. The owner of the Fulton, New York facility said they not only help guarantee an excellent repair for customers, but also allow the job to get done more efficiently.


Draper Motorsports & Detail
Location: Fulton, NY
(315) 440-1059
Type: Collision Repair
In Business Since: 2014
Number of Locations: One
Combined Production Space: 15,500 square feet


Jeff first started out in the collision repair industry when he was 16 years old. He learned body work from his father, John, and recalls helping with fabrication and painting motorcycles in their home garage. With a passion for cars, he worked at various body shops over the years.


About three years ago, Jeff purchased land to build his own facility and opened Draper Motorsports & Detail in 2014. “I taught myself everything I know,” he said. “I enjoy putting crashes back together and making vehicles look good.”


The body shop owner considers himself a “one-man band” and is currently the sole employee at Draper Motorsports. He works six days a week and focuses his energy on providing excellent customer service. “You have to go the extra mile to take care of your customers,” said Jeff.


His son, Brett, is currently attending BOCES vocational school and learning the auto body trade like his dad and grandfather. “I enjoy having my son help out in the shop,” said Jeff. “That’s three generations in our family who have a passion for cars and auto body repair.”


Dominion Sure Seal Shop Product Showcase June 2017 3

Draper purchased a wide range of products from Dominion Sure Seal for his collision repair jobs as well as the classic restoration work he does.


Over the years, Jeff has built a solid reputation for his shop where customers know they can bring in their vehicles and be assured of a great repair job. “Pretty much everything I do is word-of-mouth. I don’t even advertise,” said Jeff. “I’ve had some pretty bad crashes in here and my friends look at them and say, ‘You’re never going to put that together,’ and I do it. That’s gratitude when you see something driving down the road that you’ve repaired.”


When it comes to purchasing products for his business, Jeff said he pays close attention to what he uses in his shop. In 2016, William Oney, the rep for Dominion Sure Seal, recommended that Jeff try out some of the company’s products. The first thing he purchased was bedliner. “It was fantastic,” said Jeff. Not only did he find that is sprayed nicely, but he also liked that it had UV protection to keep the black color intact so it didn’t fade out.


Since then, he has purchased a wide range of products from Dominion Sure Seal for his collision repair jobs as well as the classic restoration work he also does. They include bedliner for trucks, sandpaper, bondos, white body fill glaze, gun cleaner and underseal products.


“It blows everything I’ve ever used away,” said Jeff. “The products are phenomenal.”


Established in 1972, Dominion Sure Seal is a leading manufacturer of sealants, protective coatings and adhesives. The company specializes in undercoatings, paints, plastic repair, anti-corrosion materials, liquid bedliners, adhesives, tapes and specialty chemicals.


Dominion Sure Seal Shop Product Showcase June 2017 1

The owner of Draper Motorsports & Detail says the Dominion Sure Seal products are phenomenal.


The primers purchased for the shop, such as etching primer and underseal coating, are unique aerosols designed to reduce cycle time. Jeff has found that the primers are easy to blend and spray and have helped with efficiency. Dominion Sure Seal offers detailed information on their website about how to best use and apply the products, and Jeff said the rep has been great about answering questions.


Jeff recently began using one of the company’s newest products, The EZ Liner Bedliner. It can be sprayed, rolled or brushed on, and Jeff said it is cost-effective and easy to apply. “I’ve used a lot of bedliners and this is by far the best I’ve ever used,” he said.


Since using the products from Dominion Sure Seal, Jeff has shared his positive experience with others in the industry. “A lot of my friends are body men and I tell them about these products,” he said. “Sharing the information helps everyone.”


In addition to collision repair jobs, Jeff spends time working on restoration projects. Many of the products from Dominion Sure Seal have been helpful in this area as well. “With the restoration projects, the Dominion Sure Seal seam sealers have been phenomenal.”


His clients often enter the finished vehicles in car shows. One of his friends received a first-place award multiple times over a two-year period since Jeff painted his 70 Challenger RT--one of only 64 built. “He chose me and my shop to paint his car,” said Jeff. “I couldn’t be prouder.”


Overall, he prides himself on providing customers with a superior repair using the best materials, including those from Dominion Sure Seal. “Dominion Sure Seal is passionate about what they are selling and it shows,” said Jeff. “The products speak for themselves.”

Dominion Sure Seal Ltd.
6175 Danville Road
Mississauga, ON
Canada L5T 2H7
Phone: (905) 670-5411
Fax: (905) 670-5174

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