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PPG Shows How to Repair Lexus Structural Blue

Structural Blue, paint code 8Y0 is a standard basecoat/clearcoat system. This amazing color looks like it might be difficult to repair, but actually, it's very simple. Follow this recommended procedure from PPG to perform a small spot repair on this color. Structural Blue was developed by Lexus and VIAVI Solutions Inc. It’s based on the coloration of the vibrant morpho butterfly, a species found in Central and South America. The butterfly appears blue in color but does not actually have blue scales in its wing surfaces. The blue color — which varies depending on the ambient light — is achieved through light interference. PPG has introduced a training video to assist paint technicians with refinishing Lexus automobiles sporting the OEM’s Structural Blue finish. The video has been produced to dispel the notion that complex colors require a complex refinish process. In fact, it's not difficult at all.

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