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Introduction to Nitrogen Plastic Welding by Robaina Direct /

Nitrogen Plastic welders for bumper and other automotive plastic parts repairs now made easier! Robaina Direct and is your go-to source for professional, OEM approved and affordable tools and equipment. In this short tutorial video you’ll see plastic bumper repair operations done with a specialized nitrogen plastic welding system that’s exclusively available through Robaina Direct LLC. With its pre-set, ready to use functions, it is as simple as plug in the regulated air and power, and press the on switch. We include the basic tools needed to prep and scrape clean, hot staple stitch, and weld the plastic filler rod. We offer 3 versions - a hot air only, dual gas (hot air and nitrogen via tank) and the onboard nitrogen generating version. Pricing starts as low as $1795. Training classes are available at our Southern California training facility.

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