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Electronic Dent Reduction by HotboxPDR Makes Dent Repair Easier


New for 2018,® (by Robaina Direct) introduces its new 3800 series digital electronic dent reduction “PDR” device designed for use by experienced body shop technicians and PDR techs. Now you can independently control both the “power” and “time” with push button controls. No more old rotary dials, we are all digital. Works on flat or convex shaped steel panels that of course flex when you push down with your finger. This device helps the metal expand and lift itself to reduce the appearance of the soft dent. The results in some cases are achieved in less than 2 minutes. With virtually no setup time, all the user has to do is select the power and time setting desired, find the true center of the soft dent and work around the perimeter first and finally work the center area to finish the final “lift.” As shown in our videos, the lifting operation is slight, so there’s virtually no risk of “over pulling” as there may be with the glue pull for example. For some small soft dents, glue pull is too strong in many cases. This is where the® series 3800 device comes into play. Also works great in combination with glue pull and traditional PDR rod repair techniques. In this two stage repair process, the® series 3800 cleans up wavy areas and helps tighten metal as well as reduce the soft dent electronically. Work smarter, not harder, with®

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