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ASTRA-Robaina introduces their new scissor lift / car dolly system to North America. This innovative mobile and compact scissor lift is a low profile system that allows most vehicles to drive over, the lift arms swing out and lift pads slide on. Next step, connect the foot pump to your shop air hose and begin lifting. As soon as the tires of the vehicle are no longer touching you can then connect the caster dolly wheels to use as a full body car dolly or lift to the desired work height. Great for body shops in technician stalls or for estimating, general automotive repair, tire / brake shops, detail departments, classic restoration shops, home garages and more. Easy to use, no electrical connections needed. Dual opposing ram safety system. A great way to get the vehicle mobile or lifted to comfortable work heights. Exclusively available through Robaina Direct. Resellers wanted, contact us at
Robaina Direct LLC

The Equalizer® Raptor™ is the world’s best auto glass removal tool designed to save auto glass without damage to the pinchweld or paint, and can be used with wire or reusable cord to remove all types of auto glass. The Equalizer® Raptor™ features our AirForce™ Technology that improves the power of the vacuum cup and eliminates the need for manual pumping, creating a quick and completely secure seal to the glass so the Raptor™ stays in place and resists sliding on the toughest removals. The Equalizer® Raptor™ is the preferred method for R&I’s which saves cycle time by doing the job yourself and increases profits by keeping the labor in shop.

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The Touch electronic measuring system allows you to quickly perform body structural (including upper body, under body, and body side openings), mechanical parts measurements, vehicle damage analysis, and efficiently create accurate repair plan documentation. Pre- and post-repair documentation ensures that collision repair facilities have the information necessary to ensure proper repairs have been completed.

Touch electronic measuring system focus points:

• Fast and easy setup. Be measuring in minutes.
• Measure vehicles on any lift, bench, frame rack, or with the vehicle on the ground.
• Simple and intuitive software interface.
• Damage analysis documentation that is simple to understand.
• Under-body, upper-body and body-side opening and mechanical parts measurements.
• Ability to add user specified measurement points to the software.
• Vehicle repairs can be completed on any straightening bench.
• Measuring options include loaded and unloaded suspension measurements.
• Real-time measurements during each pull to ensure precise straightening processes.
• Repair documentation for pre- and post-repairs.

No other system compares when it comes to flexibility, speed and the exacting accuracy provided by the Touch electronic measuring system. Schedule your demo today by contacting us at:

Spanesi Americas, Inc.
123 Ambassador Dr. STE 107
Naperville, IL 60540


Original One Parts offers 100% OEM parts that pass a proprietary VINtegrity™ certification process to ensure they meet the original form, fit and function of new parts, and all parts are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.
Find these parts on: CCC, Parts Trader, APU, Mitchell and OPS Trax.

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Reliable Automotive Equipment is proud to offer the highest quality High Strength Steel Drill Bits in the automotive industry today. With the amount of specialty materials used in automotive manufacturing on the rise, we strive to keep up with the ever changing market and stay up to date with the tools and equipment required to get the job done the right way. Wielander & Schill, one of the industry leading companies in producing O.E.M. certified tools and equipment, produces BTR/BOR drill bits that meet O.E.M. requirements for getting the job done to their standards. We carry these bits in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4.2mm to 10mm, to meet your needs based on the job at hand. Made to cut Boron steel, these bits are typically used in conjunction with the WS 90 Vario Drill and the BTR Fluid Cutting Oil. The Vario Drill allows you to set plunge depths and keep a steady hold on your material, while the cutting oil reduces friction and wear on the bit but also enhances the ability to cut into your material. This combination of tools provides for the quickest, cleanest, and most efficient drilling of high strength steel possible. Using our German manufactured products you can keep the quality of your repairs in line with the standards of the vehicle manufacturer and maintain peace of mind knowing that the job was done right.

This short video demonstrates key procedures for creating an invisible repair using a solvent-based basecoat system. Includes such tips as:
• Melting the sealer edge for a smoother transition
• Creating a “wet bed” using a color blender
• And more

Whether you’re a novice or experienced painter, this short video offers excellent advice for making quality spot repairs.

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Structural Blue, paint code 8Y0 is a standard basecoat/clearcoat system. This amazing color looks like it might be difficult to repair, but actually, it's very simple. Follow this recommended procedure from PPG to perform a small spot repair on this color. Structural Blue was developed by Lexus and VIAVI Solutions Inc. It’s based on the coloration of the vibrant morpho butterfly, a species found in Central and South America. The butterfly appears blue in color but does not actually have blue scales in its wing surfaces. The blue color — which varies depending on the ambient light — is achieved through light interference. PPG has introduced a training video to assist paint technicians with refinishing Lexus automobiles sporting the OEM’s Structural Blue finish. The video has been produced to dispel the notion that complex colors require a complex refinish process. In fact, it's not difficult at all.

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Legens Hot Rod Shop in Martin, Tennessee is known for its over-the-top and award-winning builds. The shop is also known to stay on top of the trends when it comes to every detail of a build and one of the most important details to owner Steve Legen is the finish. His shop relies on the DeBeer Refinish WaterBase 900+ Series for its ground-up builds not only because of its resulting rich, glossy finish, but because it's OEM approved, delivers great coverage and is waterbased making the system ideal for any type of shop—from custom and restoration shops to high production collision centers.

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At Eckler’s Automotive Restoration and Performance Parts, getting the job done with the right parts is what it’s all about. In this how-to video, the experts at Auto Kustoms in Harrodsburg, Kentucky demonstrate how to do a Dynamat Carpet install on a classic 1971 Chevy Camaro. The procedures in this install will also apply to almost any Dynamat and carpet restoration project you have. This video takes you step-by-step through the process and also gives you a list of the parts (and part numbers) you need to get the job done. Eckler’s carries a wide variety of carpets and underlayment for the 1970-1981 Chevy Camaros, as well other parts and accessories you may need for your other projects.

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Productivity, speed, consistency and happy painters according to Tom Griffin, President of Mayfield Collision in Northeast Ohio. Ultra 9K, the new waterborne basecoat system by Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes, surpassed both rigorous testing in his shops and his painters’ expectations. The system matches ease-of-use with color accuracy and premium finish. Sixty-eight toners cover everything from metallics to xirallics, while its color toolbox is complete with online color retrieval, a global color box and spectrophotometer. Adding to the system’s overall efficiencies in the shop and repeatable performance is Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes’ premium undercoats and clearcoats, which can be incorporated into the Ultra 9K refinish system. Request your own demo!

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