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Monday, 30 March 2015 00:00

Insurance Company Denies OK Man’s Claim After His Car Hit Huge Pothole

A Tulsa man’s vehicle was severely damaged after he allegedly hit a large pothole in November 2014.

Angel Cancel said his wife drove over a massive hole along the road, damaging their car’s strut, reported KFOR-TV & K. Querry.

“She hit it so hard that the strut went straight up and almost came up through the hood of the car,” Cancel told KJRH.

Cancel called USAA to see what he needed to do to get the car repaired, since he has full coverage through the company.

He said a representative with the insurance company told him to get a few estimates back in November. A week later, an adjuster arrived to assess the damages, reported KFOR-TV.

He received a letter from USAA stating his claim had been denied after months of back and forth with the insurance company.

“When you pay full policy, full coverage, you just figure, hey, they’re going to take care of me,” Cancel told KFOR-TV.

However, according to Michael Rhoads of the Oklahoma Insurance Department, this is not always the case.

“There is a general belief that when you have full coverage, everything is covered. But there are exclusions with every auto policy,” he told KFOR-TV.

The exclusion in Cancel’s claim was sited by USAA for electrical or mechanical failure, even though he said there were no issues with his car before it hit the pothole.  

After reviewing the case, Rhoads agrees and now the Oklahoma Insurance Department is investigating further.

A spokeswoman for USAA told KJRH that they will take another look at Cancel’s case.

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