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Friday, 20 March 2015 00:00

Auto Junk Yards in San Antonio, TX Now Selling Parts Online

Mechanics, consumers or body shop owners who are unable to buy used motor vehicle parts through chain retailers in Texas will now be able to use the Local Car Parts website at

Yards in the areas of Medina, Comal and Bexar counties are now searchable. A direct advantage that is provided to researchers who use the tool to seek out Texas companies this year is the display of sale pricing.

"Companies that are now appearing inside of our search tool are in direct competition with each other to offer the best price and warranty terms to consumers who buy preowned auto parts," said a rep.

Aside from the junk dealers that have joined the statewide network available to research, there are now more San Antonio salvage companies that are able to fulfill orders for second hand vehicle parts ordered on the web. All secondary market suppliers available can be selected during the price review process.

"We've expanded the use of our system in many Texas cities this year to provide one exclusive source for the average auto parts buyer to find foreign and domestic components," said the rep.

Fuel delivery systems in late model or classic vehicles can be more expensive to purchase in retail outlets in TX and across the U.S. New suppliers of fuel pump assemblies and replacement parts are now provided in the inventory showcased at this year.

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