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Monday, 22 December 2014 00:00

Elderly Woman Accuses AL Auto Repair Shop Owner of Fraud

Billy Hood, owner of Billy’s Liberty 2000 in Decatur, is accused of taking more than $10,000 from a 75-year-old woman for unwarranted car repairs

He now faces charges of exploitation of an elderly person, according to Margo Gray of

Gray reported that the woman took her classic 1952 Plymouth to Hood’s shop, because she wanted it to be in “show car” condition.

During the course of a month, Hood kept the car at Billy’s Liberty 2000, claiming to find all sorts issues that needed immediate corrections, according to Sgt. John Harris of the Decatur police. These “issues” amounted to thousands of dollars. When the elderly woman got her Plymouth back, she said it looked and worked the same as it had when she brought it in 30 days prior.

After closer inspection of the receipts, she told police she found Hood actually charged her twice for the same repairs, according to Gray.

Gray also reported that the woman took the car to another mechanic who inspected it and stated that this was the "worst case of fraud" he had seen in his 35 year career as a mechanic.

The work that Hood did on the car only amounted to $400, according to inspectors.

Several disgruntled customers spoke with Sgt. Harris and stated that Hood had defrauded them as well. Former employees also supported the customers’ claims, and said that he would intimidate people who wanted to file police reports.

Gray reported that Hood is out of jail on a $10,000 dollar bond.

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