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Wednesday, 07 May 2014 21:33

Kansas Body Shop Temporarily Closed for Tax Non-Payment

An auto body shop in Haysville, KS, was temporarily closed by the state for not paying state sales taxes. Kansas Department of Revenue civil tax enforcement agents and Sedgwick County sheriff deputies seized the business assets of Showroom Auto Motive, located in the 7400 block of South Broadway in Haysville.

The Kansas Department of Revenue said the business owed $5,976 in state sales taxes from February to September 2013.

Officers seized all known bank accounts, on-site cash, business inventory, and personal property belonging to business owners Samuel A. Valdez and Samuel J. Valdez. The Kansas Department of Revenue says it has reached a repayment agreement with the business. Assets seized by the department have been released back to the business.

The revenue department said it made multiple attempts to collect the taxes owed before exercising a tax warrant. According to the Revenue Department, warrants such as this are served when all other collection attempts have been tried and exhausted.

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