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Friday, 21 February 2014 00:32

Winter Storms Provide Predictable Business in Tulsa, Bartlesville, and Oklahoma City

Jim Page, with Jim Norton Collision Center at 9809 South Memorial Drive in Tulsa said, “Any time we have weather events like this the shop gets stacked up quick.”

Jim Norton’s is a recipient of Toyota’s highest customer service awards, the Toyota President’s Award, and has been servicing the needs of Tulsa Oklahoma for longer than any other Tulsa Toyota dealership.

“What we’re seeing a lot of is front-rear hits,” said Page.

Collision Centers are estimating one to two weeks turnaround, depending on the amount of damage and paint work. Most winter weather repairs are just scratched and dented bumpers. Some bumpers have to be ordered, painted and put back on. Other bumpers just need a little repair work and they’re good as new.

Independent auto body owner Nathan Hostetler told local media that this is an usual time of year for him to be doing so much business. He’s usually busier during warm, rainy months.

“There’s probably an extra 20 to 25 cars here right now. We’re usually having 40 cars in process and we’ve got near the capacity right now,” Hostetler said.
Repair techs at Accurate Autobody and Glass, with locations at 5500 S Garnett Rd, Tulsa, and 220 E 2nd Street, Sand Springs, are getting cars that lost an entire wheel in the icy weather, or worse.

“Four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive, if you’re going too fast you’re not going to be able to turn and you’re going to hit a curb like what this car did and destroy,” Hostetler said.

These auto body repair shops see it all. With this winter weather, drivers can never be experts on the winter roads.

Dave Burgess, with Accurate Autobody and Glass said “It takes you by surprise every time. So the thing is yeah, slow down on a turn. You just can’t creep slow enough.”

After the snow stopped in Tulsa, it kept falling near Bartlesville.

Officials say the city of Bartlesville was ready for Tuesday’s snow storm as five trucks were out early spreading a salt/sand mixture on city streets.

The snow stated coming down just after 7 a.m. and city officials said they had just replenished their salt and sand supplies a few weeks ago. Crews were busy well ahead of the snow.

Washington County Emergency Management director Kary Cox said crews were prepared.

“I know the cold temperatures this week are going to be an additional strain, but we were pretty well prepared.  The crews were out early, even before it started snowing this morning, getting ready and keeping an eye on the streets,” said Cox.

The Bartlesville Police Department reported only one crash due to the weather that morning.

Officers in Oklahoma City suspended responses to non-injury accidents the morning of Feb. 3. Drivers were asked only to report accidents with injuries or parties who are not cooperating. Authorities said those involved in non-injury accidents should exchange driver’s license and insurance information and safely take pictures.

Officers said drivers can pick up accident forms at police stations after the winter weather moves out.

Paramedics also rushed to several weather-related calls.

According to EMSA, they have responded to a total of 36 injury accidents within the metro; four slip and falls.

A Semi off Memorial and I-35 was parked at Loves gas station and started to slide down a hill with no one inside. After the semi started to slide it collided into the Welcom Center across the lot. There were no injuries in this accident.

The majority of metro accidents were along I-40 and I-35.

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