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Tuesday, 04 June 2013 16:41

Tom Benson Chevrolet Hosts First Response Training


A class on training firefighters on hybrid vehicles and new models was held and hosted by the Chevy dealership of Texas Independent Automotive Association member Tom Benson.

The goal of the class was to promote safety after a crash and 50 firefighters from the San Antonio, TX, area were in attendance. Charles Fogleman of General Motors Powertrain and Jim Mickle, GM Wholesale instructor, were the instructors for the class. Firefighters were trained how to properly respond to an accident scene and how to disable the car correctly to help passengers exit safely.

“Firefighters having knowledge about newer vehicles at the accident scene is vital to prevent the accident from having more damage,” said Charles Fogleman. “Not only to the vehicles but to vehicle’s occupants. With the advancements in vehicle technology, removing passengers can be dangerous if not done correctly. A prime example is airbags being deployed after the accident from the battery being connected.”

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