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Wednesday, 20 June 2012 21:22

Dallas Auto Paint & Body Shops Booked After Latest Hail Storm

Vehicles were one of the biggest victims of a hail storm that hit Dallas on June 13.  The next day, damaged cars started rolling into auto body and repair shops.

Manager Bobby Lee of Hance Paint and Body spent much of his day on the phone talking to people trying to get their vehicles into his shop.

“It’s been non-stop.  Yeah, it’s been non-stop,” said Lee.

The small, independent shop had seven cars dropped off by midday with dozens more already scheduled.

“We have probably 30 cars in progress right now and we’ll keep 30 cars in the shop every day for the rest of the summer I’m sure now,” Lee said.

The hail damaged vehicles came on top of the full load already in the shop.

“We stay really busy. We average a lot of money every month and it’s been here so long, we stay really busy, but when something like this comes along, we have to hire extra help and it’s almost overwhelming,” said Lee.

At the much larger Service King Park Cities, they didn’t have any room to park all the damaged vehicles.

“A madhouse. Controlled chaos,” said manager Patrick Matthews.

The body shop posted on the front doors that appointments had to be made before vehicles were dropped off. Many of the cars in the shop had to be crash wrapped and returned to their owners.

“We’re trying to get all of the customers that have back glasses blown out, vacuum the glass out, crash wrap them and at least try to get them to where they are in a drivable state,” Matthews said.

Matthews said once someone got an appointment, it might be a while before their car is returned to its old self.

“We were already scheduled out through September from the hail storm that hit April. So now we are going to be scheduling all the way through October, November probably,” he said.

Dallas resident Coury Jacocks had to watch his truck, which was his backup vehicle, get slammed with hail.  His first car was already in the shop because of hail and it might be months before his truck got repaired.

“I hope that’s not going to be me. Again, it’s a backup vehicle, hopefully going to get mine back soon, but I don’t doubt it,” said Jacocks.

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