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Thursday, 23 February 2012 16:47

NWLCRA Holds First Meeting of 2012

The Northwest Louisiana Collision Repair Association (NWLCRA) held their first meeting of 2012 on January 10 at the Country Tavern Barbecue in Shreveport, LA.

The association announced their new officers for 2012 at the start of the meeting. The 2012 Officers are as follows; President, Chris Fielder, Vice President, Ken Stephenson, Secretary/Treasurer, Bill Burnside.

The meeting’s guest speakers were Darren Moore, Regional Manager with Alloy Wheel Repair, and Adam Wright, Area Manager with Alloy Wheel Repair.

Darren began by stating that Alloy is a mobile wheel repair service; if a damaged wheel is painted, they come to your location and repair the wheel. They don’t do any welding, so if pieces of the wheel are missing, they won’t be able to repair the wheel. They are able to repair polished wheels and because the sheen on spokes may be different, they are taken on a “case by case” basis. They can straighten a wheel up to 24”, so they can repair most bent wheels. They mainly work on a schedule, but will take “emergency” calls.

They are a nationwide company, so if the wheel is repaired in our area and your customer is on vacation in California when a problem with the repair occurs, they can find an Alloy Wheel Repair shop in California for the warranty work. Alloy works out of their trucks and trailers, which are fully equipped. Because they have their own compressors, spinners, and other equipment, they don’t need to use anything in your shop.

Darren also discussed remanufacturing shops and how you have to send the wheel to the remanufacturing shop and wait for it to be delivered. Alloy Wheel Repair comes to you and most general repairs cost $100.00. They have over 1 million wheels in stock in the event the wheel is too damaged to be repaired. They use UPS for deliveries, which usually takes 2 to 3 days. They don’t charge a core charge. They have partnered with LKQ and others, plus their own in-house inventory, they will be able to replace any wheel you need.

Krystal Adams with Krystal Auto Collision in Bossier City, LA, asked how long their warranty is. Darren stated that Alloy Wheel Repair has a lifetime warranty.

Chris Shepherd asked about balancing the wheel after the repairs are made. Darren stated that cosmetic repairs won’t interfere with the wheels balance, but if they repair a bent wheel, it would need to be rebalanced and they don’t balance wheels.

Krystal asked if they do powder coating and Darren said they don’t. He added that they will attempt to straighten a bent after market wheel, but if it cracks, it will not be covered under the warranty. Krystal asked what type of paint they use and they stated they use Dupont paint.

They have a search engine on their website, and if you contact Darren Moore by e-mail,, he’ll provide you with a user name and password so you can search their extensive database.

The group was able to see first hand how they can repair wheels onsite. Alloy Wheel Repair also fed everyone at the meeting by picking up the tab.

At the end of the meeting Ken Stephenson with Louisiana Glass and Mirror in Bossier City, LA, added that he used Caddo Career and Technology Center’s Job Shadowing program and was very impressed with the student that was sent to him. He said the student was extremely willing to do any job and was eager to learn. He said if anyone used the job shadowing program, they wouldn’t regret it.

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