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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 22:02

ANPAC Responds to Texas DOI

Last month we reported that John Borek, General Manager of Autocraft Bodywerks in Austin, Texas, has filed a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance against American National Property and Casualty Company (ANPAC) and a claims services company, American Claims Services, alleging that they “knowingly used a fraudulent document to justify their short-pay” of a claim.

In filing his complaint with the Texas DOI Property and Casualty Complaint Department, Borek wrote: “We believe that based on this document, ANPAC/ American Claim Service is knowingly using a fraudulent document to justify their short pay to limit the price paid for repairs to [the] automobile.  By not performing these necessary operations, it will result in an incomplete repair.  I have spoken today with the field appraiser assigned to this file and he confirmed that he put the needed repair operations on the original estimate  although a document generated from ANPAC/American Claim Service shows a zero by all these operations.

In a letter of response to the Texas Department of Insurance, ANPAC said an appraiser working on its behalf used “an outdated document” when denying a supplement for color sand and buff from Autocraft Bodywerks in Austin, Texas, and that the supplement has now been paid. John Borek of Autocraft filed a complaint with the regulator last month after receiving a document that the American Claims Services appraiser indicated was from Audatex showing that color sand and buff is included in refinish times.

In his complaint, Borek called the document “fraudulent” given that Audatex, after searching its “Database Reference Manuals” back to 1993, concluded that the document is “most certainly not from ADP/Audatex.”

After a call asking for an update or comment on the complaint, the Department of Insurance sent Borek a copy of ANPAC’s December 27 initial response letter, saying it will notify him “once we receive additional information that was requested.”

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