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Tuesday, 17 May 2011 21:14

Massive Hail Storm Brings Influx of Repairs for Local Body Shops

Although hail that came through central Texas in late April was much appreciated by firefighters fighting fires throughout the state, local auto body repair shops were unexpectedly inundated with work following the storm.

Lines started forming early April 25 at auto repair shops, as thousands of cars in Abilene got hammered with hail on April 23 and 24.

Reports ranged from pea to softball sized hail in the part of the state west of Dallas.

Abilene fireman J. Sanders reported the damage done to his station's SUV to Abilene's KTXS News, including a cracked window, cracked paint, several large dents and it even hit the GPS antenna.

"I parked it under a mesquite tree," Sander told KTXS News, "but the tree is half gone."

Wade Keeling told KTXS News he had already been waiting 4 hours to get broken windows fixed on his truck with no guarantee he would be seen, "It's very frustrating."

Abilene Auto Glass, one of many repair shops in town, estimated they would see more than 400 cars the week following the storm.

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