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Thursday, 21 April 2011 15:58

NWLCRA Hosts Supply Company to Talk About New Products

The Northwest Louisiana Collision Repair Association (NWLCRA) held their monthly meeting on April 5 in the Magnolia Room at the Louisiana Technical College in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The meeting was hosted by President, Chris Fielder and Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Burnside.

The I-CAR schedule was discussed and the “test out” procedure that is now in place. Students have to register at least 2 weeks prior to the testing.

If the deadline is missed, you won’t be able to test. The test will be given between 5 to 7 PM and the doors will be locked at 5:00 PM.

For more information, contact Bill Burnside or see the I-CAR website.

The Skills contest will be held Thursday, April 7, at the Caddo Career & Technology Center.

A motion was made and passed for the Northwest Louisiana Collision Repair Association to provide breakfast for the competition.

The guest speaker for the meeting this month was Charlie Nichols of Nichols Supply. Nichols was the guest of Ken Stephenson with Louisiana Glass & Mirror, Inc. Nichols gave the group a brief history of his time and experience in the Industry.

His business is located on Southern Ave. in Shreveport, LA.

His business handles all types of products for Industrial, Janitorial, and Office Supplies. He provides same day service on most of his products.

Nichols also gave attendees a lesson about microfiber paper and how it is made. It is this procedure that makes microfiber paper the best product when cleaning a surface. Because of this procedure, a microfiber towel can be washed and reused several times. This makes microfiber paper cost effective because it can be washed without getting destroyed in the wash.

Nichols Supply also doesn’t include a “fuel charge” for deliveries. Nichols brought several products for the group to see.

The microfiber roll and box of microfiber towels were thick and appeared very durable, according to Burnside, it was easy to see that they could stand up to several washings and reuse.

On the chemical side, he brought a product called “ENZ-IT-DET”. This product kills bacteria and odors in a number of hard to clean surfaces.

He also had a hand cleaner called Red Dawg. He supplies cleaners for glass, stainless steel, and other surfaces.

He also mentioned a product called “Peet Sorb” which is better than the typical oil dry.

Peet Sorb is the only product that is allowed to be disposed of in landfills, so he said he sees a mandate coming in the future.

Nichols is in the process of getting more catalogs ordered, so call at (318) 841-4501 to request a copy.

More information can also be found at

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