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Monday, 11 April 2011 17:03

HABA Encourages Members to Contact State Senators About SB 1300

The Houston Auto Body Association is asking that members of the collision repair industry in Texas contact their Senators in support of SB 1300, which is up for committee hearing on April 12. SB 1300 will require more disclosure from insurers about their Direct repair Program policies and requirements. Please call and email the State Senators who will decide whether or not SB 1300 will go to the next phase in becoming Law as soon as possible. By making 8 phone calls you will make a difference when the Committee meets tomorrow.

To view the most recent version of SB 1300 please CLICK HERE.

James Brown and many others will be in Austin Tuesday April 12 at 7am to show support for this bill. Give James a call 832-515-9609 if you plan on being there. The latest version of the bill can be seen below. The Texas Department of Insurance is in full support of this bill as well.

SB 1300 has been set for hearing at 7:30am on Tuesday April 12 in The Business & Commerce Committee Room E1.016. You can start calling, faxing and emailing the members of the committee. DO NOT CONTACT SENATOR MIKE JACKSON’S OFFICE UNLESS YOU LIVE OR YOUR SHOP IS IN HIS DISTRICT, he is the sponsor of the bill and he fully supports it.

When you contact these Senate offices all you have to do is let them know you own or manage a collision  shop , if you live or work in their district tell them, you can also tell them how many employees you have, try to keep it as short as possible. If you cannot speak to the aid I have listed you can leave the info with anybody in the office they will give it to the right person.

If you can come to Austin it will be a good showing for the industry, all you have to do is sign a witness affidavit form supporting the bill and mark you do not wish to testify. If you are coming to Austin we need to meet at 7:15 am by the meeting room. THIS IS A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN, WE NEED EVERYBODY’S SUPPORT. This information can be sent this to anybody that will help, if you have any questions let me know. PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO CONTACT SENATOR JACKSON’S OFFICE UNLESS YOU ARE IN HIS DISTRICT, WE WILL OWE HIM A LOT WHEN THIS PASSES BUT WE HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO.

Senate Committee on Business & Commerce:

Chair: Sen. John Carona, Matthew Nihiser, 512-463-0365 FAX- 512-463-1613

Vice Chair: Sen. Chris Harris, Jeff Jeter, 512-463-0109 FAX- 512-463-7003

Members: Sen. Kevin Eltife, Ryan Weiseman, 512-463-0101 FAX- 512-463-3751

Sen. Craig Estes, John H. H. Bennett, 512-463-0130 FAX- 512-463-8874

Sen. Mike Jackson, Beth Shields, 512-463-0111 FAX- 512-463-3727

Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., Emily Wheeler, 512-463-0127 FAX- 512-463-0061

Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, Brent Turner, 512-463-0126 FAX- 512-463-2114

Sen. Kirk Watson, Steve Scheibal, 512-463-0114 FAX- 512-463-5949

Sen. Johnmire, Veronica Juarez, 512-463-0115 FAX- 512-463-3737

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