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Friday, 11 February 2011 19:30

New OK Insurance Commissioner Doak Refocuses Anti-Fraud Investigations from Consumers to Insurance Companies Featured

New Okalhoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak appointed Randy Brogdon to the Deputy Insurance Commissioner Consumer Affairs Division in early January. Brogdon quickly found that the Oklahoma Insurance Department's (OID) anti-fraud division spent most of its time looking at citizens allegedly committing fraud, not insurance companies allegedly committing fraud. Brogdon's main focus is the anti-fraud division.

Commissioner Doak felt that the Oklahoma Insurance Department had "lost sight of its core mission," according to Public Information Officer Shawn Ashley.

Doak would like to focus more on white-collar fraud that hurts Oklahoma's insurance consumers, according to Ashley, because he feels this well better serve the Oklahoma public.

Doak and Brogdon will be shifting the focus of this division completely by focusing more on insurance companies accused of fraud starting immediately.

Brogdon found that 120 of the 142 current cases of alleged insurance fraud were made by insurance companies against consumers. Ashley said that insurance companies have their own departments responsible for looking into fraud claims against their own customers which is part of the reason for the refocus. Although the OID by law has to look at any complaint submitted, they will be more heavily focusing their efforts on larger complaints of fraud made by citizens of Oklahoma against insurance companies.

"We're here to serve the citizens of Oklahoma and that's what we plan to do," said Ashley.

The OID will not be going out and actively looking for cases of fraud, but will continue to take seriously any claims brought forth to their office.

Ashley said that this change will allow the OID to focus more on consumers.

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