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Thursday, 23 December 2010 17:37

Central Texas Body Shops and Dealers Collaborate on Refurbishing Vehicles for Good Parents in Need Featured

Austin’s KXAN News has reported that eleven families received Christmas gifts and keys to a newly refurbished car, all for taking great care of their children.

Child Inc. enlisted the help of local car dealers and other donors to reward the parents for their commitment to raising happy, responsible and educated children.

Laurie Ann Pineda was one of them. She had been struggling to get to work after losing a child and emerging from an abusive relationship. The new car will serve as her safety net.

“I’m shaken up, I’m happy. I’m excited. I’m very blessed,” said Pineda. “It gives us security. It helps us know that I can get my children to school safely every day.”

Kenneth Leggs lost his job, his home to foreclosure, and his car to repossession. He’s been renting a car from a friend, and this gift will release him from those payments.

“Got my own keys, my own title. It belongs to me, so I appreciate it. I’m very thankful,” said Leggs.

The vehicles were refurbished by three Ellis and Salazar body shops in Central Texas, as well as Leif Johnson Ford, Lexus of Austin, Henna Chevrolet and Custom Car Crafters. The technicians and mechanics donated their time and labor, and also served on the committee that selected the families.

To be nominated, the families had to attend parenting classes, ensure their children’s high attendance at school, volunteer in their children’s classrooms, and prove they were working to become less dependent on public assistance.

Along with toys for the children and cars for the parents, the families received six months worth of auto insurance.

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