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Tuesday, 14 December 2010 17:13

Texas Department of Insurance Wants Info on Manipulation of Estimating Software

James E. Brown, President, Houston Auto Body Association has circulated the following request from Texas DOI.

The TDI is alarmed at the practice of some Insurance companies "underpaying claimants" at drive in claims centers where it is obvious the estimate was underwritten. Leslie Hurley with the Texas Department of Insurance is requesting information from Collision Repair Centers in Texas.

Leslie Hurley is requesting from Collision Repair Centers copies of the preliminary estimates written at the claims centers and the final estimate it took to repair the vehicle (notwithstanding hidden damages).
We need everyone to participate.

  • Step 1: locate insurance estimates of your choice of vehicles repaired at you shop.
  • Step 2: rewrite the same estimate in your estimating software include all the operations performed that you did not get paid for i.e., not included operations in P-pages (prime & block, color, sand and buff, mask jambs etc..), mechanical operations paid at  body rates, and include the difference in paint materials if paint materials were capped.
  • Step 3: write a summary page titled "Manipulating repair estimating software" explaining the differences (keep it simple)
  • Step 4: mail to Texas Department of Insurance Property & Casualty Program-Personal & Commercial Lines Division

Attn: Leslie Hurley
P.O. Box 149104
Austin, TX 78714-9104


Some things to look for, besides the obvious, is where the labor rates are abnormally low and also where the insurance companies gave themselves a discount on parts. Please mail these to the address listed above.

If you have proof of insurance companies steering work away from you shop (for example if you have a signed release form where the customer stated "insurance company told me to," or something to that effect). Please mail these to the address listed above.

We only have about 2 weeks to get these items sent in. Please feel free to forward this to any and all Collision Centers in Texas (we need everyone to do their part)

I will leave you with these thoughts:

  • Be a part of your industry’s association. It is a very important commitment to change what has been, to what it needs to become… the future is definitely not written, but it is determined by what we all do today in the present.
  • A common issue is often people complain about how things are, but do little to make them change. This is foremost the cause of failure in any
    organization and a future that is not desired.
  • Be part of our Mission… to Promote Professionalism and Consumer Awareness of the Automotive Collision Repair Industry in Houston and surrounding areas. We can’t do this alone… it takes the leaders of our industry, such as yourself, to make this happen.
  • A mission achieved provides value… we encourage you to be part of this  great journey.

For more information email James Brown at


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