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Wednesday, 14 November 2018 22:12

El Paso, TX, Gets Hit With Hail in the Borderland

Written by Tatiana Favela,


Storms such as the ones that rolled through the Borderland in Texas on Oct. 30 could leave a lot of people surveying the damage left behind from the rain and hail.


People could be facing damaged property, such as their vehicles, homes and outdoor property.


State Farm Insurance Agent Cynthia Martinez told KTSM that it's best for you to be careful when filing a claim for any damage and avoid paying up front for any repairs.


"Any claim in any accident takes a toll on us emotionally; it's our personal property. [Whether] it’s a brand-new car or maybe a house, you don't want to see your personal property damaged, so just be very cautious of whom you're using to fix your property," Martinez said, "Get two or three options before you get your car or house fixed."


Martinez shared that most insurance companies have recommended auto body shops or companies that assist with fixing any damaged property. However, whether rain or shine, the message is still clear.


"Drive extra safe whenever there's weather happening. Not sunny El Paso weather; there's always an accident. Whether it's hail, rain or wind, be extra safe on the road, El Paso," Martinez said.


If you do notice your car or home is damaged, you can file your claim by going online, using an app or calling the 1-800 number your insurance has.


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