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Thursday, 13 April 2017 22:14

Southwestern Lawmakers Consider Proposed Collision Legislation

A number of bills potentially impacting collision repairers have been introduced in state legislatures throughout the Southwest this year.

Current law in Oklahoma allows insurers to determine prevailing labor rates either through market surveys or through competitive bids; the Oklahoma House is considering a bill (HB 1521) that would require insurers using market surveys to provide survey information (including the date of the survey, methodology used, number of respondents, questions asked and resulting data distribution) to any party that requests it.


The Arizona Senate in March voted 18-12 in favor of a bill (SB 1111) that would increase the minimum liability insurance drivers in that state must carry from $10,000 (set in 1972 and the equivalent of more than $58,000 in 2017 dollars) to $25,000 (just $4,300 in 1972 dollars); about 1-in-5 Arizona drivers carry that current minimum coverage, according to the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, which argued against the bill.


And Utah’s Gov. Gary Herbert has signed into law legislation (HB 265) scrapping that state’s vehicle safety inspections next year.

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