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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 22:02

State Farm Assesses Damage from Louisiana Floods


Autobody News reached out to Roszell Gadson, State Farm spokesman, to learn more about the flood damage and best practices for auto body shops and customers impacted.

Q) Have you been encountering a lot of State Farm customers whose vehicles have been damaged by the flooding?
A) As of August 17, State Farm has seen more than 12,300 auto claims in the state of Louisiana as a result of the historic flooding.


Q) How is State Farm handling this state of emergency?
A) State Farm has moved additional resources into the state to help our policyholders through the claim process and through the recovery. We’re asking impacted customers to call 1(800) SF Claim(1-800-732-5246) or they can start the claim process online at or contact their agent.


Q) What advice can you give to consumers who have flood damaged vehicles?
A)Vehicle owners should document the highest level of water on their vehicle, dry them out as soon as possible and avoid trying to start a flooded vehicle until a certified mechanic has inspected it and made any necessary repairs if it is repairable.


Q) What advice can you give to auto body shops who are repairing these vehicles?
A) Individual claim circumstances, including flood damage, vary widely. Just like we tell our customers, whenever possible, we advise repairers to mitigate additional water damage. In this event, we continue to work with repairers chosen by our customers to determine the extent of damage and to perform the necessary work related to the individual vehicle.”


Q) What is State Farm's plan going forward to help the victims?
A) State Farm will continue to have additional resources in the state of Louisiana until we’ve helped all of our customers with covered losses.”

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