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Monday, 14 March 2016 15:24

Severe Storms Rip Through Marietta, OK, Leaving Auto Body Shop Owner Devastated

Marietta OK Shop

Auto body shop owner in Marietta, OK recalls the damages after the storm on March 8.

"You got roll up doors sitting on cars, you got cars missing windows, you've got an 8,000 pound baylor that was moved 10 feet,” auto body shop owner, Ethan Rains said.

Ethan Rains is surveying the damage after his auto body shop was destroyed by overnight storms.

"I’ll be stuck fixing a lot of stuff,” Rains said.

Car windows were smashed after heavy debris blew through the small town of Marietta on the early morning of March 8.

Trash pollutes the streets, roof shingles have been blown away, and business owners said they are devastated.

"Got a lot of stuff messed up, a lot of property damage, a lot of car damage,” Rains said.

Right next door to Rains shop is a Carl’s Junior, where manager, Harla Insenower said the winds were so strong; one car was picked up and thrown to the side.

"We looked outside and there was a car sitting in our drive thru, and it literally kind of picked the car up and scooted it right up against the curb, and no cars ever get close to our curb like that so we were like, we shut the window,” Insenower said.

Cars and 18 wheelers were victims of 70 mile an hour winds, where on Interstate 35 at mile marker 13, a 40 ton truck was blown off the road.

Even with all this damage Insenower said when you live in Texoma, storms like this are just something you have to get used to.

"It doesn’t really bother me anymore, I grew up in tornado alley so it’s not that bad,” Insenower said.

We would like to thank KTEN Texoma for reprint permission.

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