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Friday, 04 March 2016 21:30

Truck Slams into Socorro, TX Body Shop

Truck Slams Socorro Body Shop

Truck slams into Socorro body shop

CBS4 Local

Employees at Pronto Auto Center in Socorro said they feel lucky to be alive after a truck slammed into their shop on Alameda Avenue.

"I came here as quickly as possible, and I just looked at shenanigans pretty much," said shop co-owner Roberto Hernandez.

The crash happened on February 27 around 2:30 p.m. An employee said a woman lost control of her truck and slammed into a parked 1967 Chevy Impala. The classic car slammed into the garage, but that wasn't all the damage that was done.

"I didn't even notice the car in our lobby until pretty much I walked up to the lobby and was like, 'Man, there's a car in the lobby.' It's crazy," Hernandez said.

The chain-reaction crash sent another car into the shop's lobby. Moments before, shop employees and others heard the crash and stepped out of the way just in time.

"I say about another foot and he would have gotten taken away with the cavalier that was inside the building," Hernandez said Hernandez.

He said the street is crowded with construction and can be a dangerous area to drive in. Part of the shop is boarded up. Hernandez said insurance should cover the damage. He believes totaled cars isare better than what might have been.

"I'm just glad everyone's OK. That's the main priority. Everything else is materialistic. As long as everyone's OK, that's what matters," said Hernandez.

He said insurance should cover the damage.

We would like to thank CBS4 Local for reprint permission.

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