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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 01:17

National AutoBody Research Launches VRS Labor Rate Surveys in AR and NM

AR Labor Rate Survey Chart

National Autobody Research (NABR) started off the month of February with the launch of VRS Labor Rate Surveys in two more states; Arkansas and New Mexico.

The Arkansas and New Mexico VRS Labor Rate Surveys were both sponsored by anonymous Arkansas collision repairers in the respective states. The online survey is free for all Arkansas collision repair shops and can be found on the NABR website.

According to a NABR press release, the VRS Labor Rate Survey will provide collision repairers in Arkansas and New Mexico with an independent, third-party, trusted survey of state-wide labor rate data. The VRS reports the true, market-based rate ranges throughout the states of Arkansas and New Mexico, based on shops’ actual prices, not on one artificially defined, single-prevailing rate for all repairers.

“There is a significant problem with labor rates in the state of Arkansas,” said the state’s survey sponsor. “The rates insurers pay are not only below the market price but also not sufficiently profitable for shops, who must continually invest in training, tools, equipment and certifications to repair today’s increasingly advanced vehicles. Finally, we have a solution in the VRS, an independent survey and complete technology to help shops price their labor profitably and prove through documentation what the real market labor rate is for any area in our state.”

Richard Valenzuela, CEO of NABR, added, “We’re very pleased to bring the VRS to Arkansas and to be working with a shop who cares enough to sponsor the survey for the good of all Arkansas shops, the collision repair industry, and for the ultimate care and safety of the consumer.”

"For years, collision repairers around the country and here in New Mexico have struggled to get paid what they're worth for the work they do," said the state’s survey sponsor. "The low rates insurers pay do not reflect real market prices, but we the shops have never been able to prove that. Now, with the VRS, we can. And the system also includes the pricing tools to help us set an educated, well-informed labor rate, based on a variety of factors including our cost of doing business. Finally, we have a solution in the VRS, an independent survey and complete technology to help shops price their labor profitably and prove the real market rates."

Valenzuela added, "We're excited to bring the VRS to New Mexico and help repairers in that state get paid not only true market rates but sufficiently profitable rates. Ultimately, it is the consumer who benefits, because the right labor rates enable shops to invest in the people, training, tools, equipment, and certifications necessary to repair modern vehicles, which in turn helps ensure vehicles are repaired right and consumers are kept safe."

Since New Mexico just began their Labor Rate Surveys, a chart is not yet available. 

Other states currently running the VRS Labor Rate Survey include Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Utah.

Any shop may request a free, no-obligation demo of the VRS.

To inquire about the VRS System, or to sponsor a VRS Labor Rate Survey in your state, please contact Sam Valenzuela, President, National AutoBody Research: 913-226-6550 / or visit their website 

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