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Monday, 10 August 2015 18:19

Auto Repairer in Wichita Falls, TX Dragged Under Car After Trying to Fix It

A Wichita Falls man was hospitalized with minor injuries on the night of August 3 after a vehicle he was working to repair fell on him and dragged him a short way down a street, police said on August 4.

Just after 11 p.m. that night, Stanley Covington, 55, was attempting to repair a Chevrolet Suburban that wouldn’t start in the 3500 block of Arthur Street, reported A police spokesman said Covington grabbed a screwdriver and lay underneath the vehicle.

Covington was able to restart the Suburban using the screwdriver, but instead of remaining in park, the entire vehicle lurched forward, trapping him underneath and dragging him a little ways down the road.

Covington told police he hung on to the undercarriage of the vehicle and let it drag him briefly so he wouldn’t be run over.

Police said the incident did not meet the standards to be qualified as a motor vehicle accident. The weight of a Suburban varies by model, but a 2012, two-wheel-drive model weighs approximately 5,600 pounds, almost three tons.

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