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Friday, 12 June 2015 00:00

OK Body Shop Employee Takes Car from Shop, Passes Out in Drive-Thru

Tahlequah police officers said a man was jailed on the early morning of May 16 after taking a Xanax, driving the car of a body shop customer to McDonald’s, and then passing out in the drive-thru lane.

Officer Thomas Donnell arrived just before 1 a.m. and saw the white Mercedes Benz with one door open, reported Sitting in the front seat was Lymon A. Vanwinkle, 27, who has a Richmond, Ind., address. He had left the motor running and the radio playing.

Donnell told he woke Vanwinkle after turning the car off. After being questioned Vanwinkle told Donnell that he had not been drinking and had not taken any prescription drugs, despite his slurred speech.

Vanwinkle was confused and unable to find his identification for Donnell, who arrested him for driving under the influence, reported

According to Donnell’s arrest report, the officer later found Vanwinkle to have Xanax bars in his possession. Vanwinkle then allegedly told the officer he had taken some of the medication, and got tired.

“He told me that the vehicle was not his and said that it belonged to a customer at the body shop he worked at,” Donnell said in a police report, according to “He said that he took it and had permission to take it to get something to eat.”

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